Saturday, December 16, 2017

Signing Off

Well friends, it's been a journey. You've been with me since PDG was a name floating in space that felt like an impossibility to create. Through both pregnancies, the confusion of feeding babies, handling toddlers, and sending off a firstborn to school. Daycare and diapers, dates and discord. And behind the scenes, everything that transpired, mostly unwritten, between me and JG. The love, so much love, and the eventual heartbreak.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for being the friends who showed up as acronyms along the way. Thanks for generally indulging my oversharing self.

I really needed this space, and you helped it feel real.

I'm still writing, because I couldn't survive life trials without putting my thoughts on paper - or, well, digitally documenting in words - so if I'm feeling brave enough I might go public with something else down the line.

But for now, Nicole the G is signing off. I'm not shutting down this site, or changing the banner. If you're a crazy devoted friend who just HAS to know random details from 2011-2017 in my life, feel free to come back and reread. I certainly will from time to time.

But don't expect new posts here. This chapter is closing.

Thanks again for reading. Even for reading this. You're the best.

(Unless you're one of those weird robot programs that leaves cryptic comments that probably lead to viruses, you are not the best. You're annoying.)

Nicole the G


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